Your Pavers Deserve to Be Done by a Skilled Landscape Designer

In business since 2005, today MV Landscaping is a reputable landscaping company in Matawan, NJ that specializes in a large number of landscaping, yard cleanup, and paving services. As your landscape designer of choice, we would love to create gorgeous patio and driveway areas with pavers that will stand the test of time. Here is more about the service!

Landscape Designer in Matawan, NJ

Concrete Pavers

When they first hear the word concrete, many people begin to think the outcome will look dull and rather dreary. In fact, unlike poured concrete, concrete pavers come in a dizzying number of patterns, styles, and colors. You can choose between engraved, stamped, stenciled, and custom-finished. They hold really well to different weather conditions, and we can also offer interlocking pavers especially for your driveway for extra strength.

Brick Pavers

Undoubtedly, brick is the go-to choice for people who love the charm of traditional pavers, be it for patios, walkways, sidewalks, or driveways. Brick pavers are incredibly strong and provide consistency in the long run. We can install them quickly (which is a good option if you are in a hurry), and they are ready for use almost immediately after we are done. Bricks also have a slip-resistant texture.

Stone Pavers

MV Landscaping is a landscape designer who can also work with stone pavers. They are more elegant and the options again are many – flagstone, slate, even granite and marble. These are the most durable paving options as they are stronger than concrete and can hold just as well as brick can. They can add timeless beauty to your outdoors in Matawan, NJ, and you will love how organically they can fit with virtually any exterior design.

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So, if you are looking for someone to design your paving and take care of the installation, MV Landscaping is here to help. To learn more about our availability and rates, just give us a call at (732) 242-7518, and we will be with you shortly. We will not let you down!

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